The ultimate app for actors to practice and self-tape their auditions

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Feature 1

Empowering Actors and revolutionizing the self-taping process

Practice and record self-tapes effortlessly, anytime, and anywhere with our all-in-one app.

Feature 2

Your one-stop app to help actors record their auditions anytime, anywhere

Utilize AI-driven script analysis and text-to-speech within our versatile app tailored for actors.

Our plans

Basic Plan

5 Tokens


  • 5 tokens = 5 scenes
  • No roll over credits

Plus Plan

15 Tokens


  • 15 tokens = 15 scenes
  • Roll over credits

Premium Plan

50 Tokens


  • 50 tokens = 50 scenes
  • Roll over credits

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The ultimate app for actors to record auditions anytime, anywhere. Featuring AI-powered script analysis and text-to-speech technology.